About me

I'm a designer with over 11 years of experience creating empathetic designs that align with users' needs. My goal is to make the user's journey as easy and intuitive as possible, as the user's only focus should be achieving their end goal.

I have experience working in a start-up, medium-sized company, and multi-billion dollar corporation in cross-functional teams. I've worked in over 10+ engineering teams, leadership, and the business teams on a myriad of different products. My greatest strengths are great communication between different teams and the ability to work well with a spectrum of personalities. It's essential to me to keep the product manager and different department heads up to date on what is happening on a project or application, as well as communicating with the engineering teams before and after in regard to what their expectations are every sprint. This cleans up misunderstandings and streamlines workflow, ensuring products are completed faster and there are less bugs to be worried about in the future. The more efficient the process, the less money we waste as a company.

My strengths

Gets along with others
Design principles
User research

On a personal level, I love football (soccer)! I also really enjoy the NBA, and used to love watching tennis and F1 a ton until Federer & Schumi retired. My spare time now is spent watching TV, writing, drawing, playing games, running, and I've finally gotten back to reading. I'm currently reading Dune Messiah, with the first book being one of the best I've ever read. In the last couple of years I've also gotten really interested in improving my cooking skills, as well as a deep love for traveling. Before Covid, I used to travel annually to several countries for 16 days, taking an average of 2,000 photos of the scenery. I'm going to take a wild guess and assume my constant photo taking annoyed all of my traveling partners.

My interests